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Les piliers du Sud - La Gorge Fraiche (Poilhes)

1 rue de la porte d'Ensérune - 34310 Poilhes

Between a passion for beer and love for the South of France, La Gorge Fraîche is a symbol of the values of its creator, a local produce in hommage to our beautiful region.

La Gorge Fraiche is available in many spots, of which the Tourist Office du Canal du Midi au Saint-Chinian, its partners (restaurants...) and in our cellar, just 50m away from the Canal du Midi in Poilhes.

The history of La Gorge Fraiche

This craft beer, 100 % Sout of France, emerged from the minds of three local kids, and started off fifteen years ago  in the small lycée de la Trinité school in Béziers.

Our part of the world is often swept by a harsh wind, La Tramontane, that can blow a gale towards the Gulf of Lion, after slipping through the Massif Central. During the summer dry season, typical of our Mediterranean climate, La Tramontane produces very dry, hot air, that make your throat dry, especially between May and October.

La Gorge Fraîche is a refreshing drink , that offers a very high quality solution to all your parched throat issues.

Our cellar in Poilhes also has a large choice of local wines and spirits, as well as local produce.

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