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The Occitan region, a land of wine and local produce, has given rise to numerous bacchanalian, gastronomic, historical and epicurean brotherhoods.

From the Pyrénées to the Rhône, and from Cévennes to the Mediterranean, there are eighty such brotherhoods, which help promote southern culture.

Brotherhoods are often associated with local traditions.

Some represent typical products from our region, for example “L'Anguille de Gruissan” (“Gruissan Eel”) and “Les Petits Gris de la Narbonnaise” (“Narbonnaise Snails”), while others celebrate traditions, history, good food and company (e.g. “Les Consuls de Nîmes”, “Les Chantegosiers du Roussillon à Tautavel").

From the Canal du Midi to Saint Chinian, two brotherhoods represent and promote our wines and appellations:

The Confrérie des Chevaliers-Vignerons de Saint-Christophe

The Confrérie des Chevaliers du Saint-Chinian

Each brotherhood has its own rituals, flamboyant dress, banner, diploma, insignia and representative. The latter acts as an intermediary through which the brotherhood conveys its message.

Every year, the brotherhoods assembles for the induction of leading figures from the literary, art, political and economic spheres, as well as foreign visitors with an affinity for the region.

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